Solken Prakash

Inexpensive Solar Energy for every Indian Home

Solken Power Inc. is a dedicated and innovative company which provides solar solutions. Solken PRAKASH is a solar powered inverter designed and marketed by Solken Power Inc. It is beautifully designed. It looks like any other inverter, comes in a kit.

It can replace 1/2KW inverters at homes and can provide upto 4 hours power backup. The most amazing thing is that when the battery is fully charged, it will run the connected load directly on solar energy without using the electricity from meter. An efficient way to save both electricity and money! People who have high AC requirements can go for it any time.


  • Plug and play system - start working right after installation.
  • Replaces the existing half kw electrical inverter while utilizing its battery (single).
  • Adds to more than 3 hours back up in the areas of long and frequent power outages.
  • Mounting structure for quick installation - galvanised to last every long in sun and wind without corrosion.

Kit Consists

  • PV Panel
  • Galvanised mounting structure - two options: roof railing mounted or roof base mounted
  • DC cable 15 meter with male/female MC4 connectors
  • Solar hybrid PCU

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