Solar Water Heater

Ist in India - Glass Coated Steel Inner Tank

The benchmark euro solar water heater is manufactured in europe complying with international standards for quality assurance ISO 9001:2000, is tested according to european standard EN 12976-2. The Collector performance and reliability is tested according to EN 12975-2 and certified by the EKEFE Dimokritos, INTA (Spain), CSTB (France) and TUV (Germany) institutions.


  • Equipment: Non pressure solar water heating
  • Principle of Operation: Solar insolation heating of water in evacuated vacuum tubes through internal thermo-siphoning.
  • System Capacity: 140 Ltr / 200 Ltr / 300 Ltr and above.
  • Metallurgy: Completely MS powder coated.
  • Storage Tank: Enamel coating is with Hi Technology, putting special material enamel coating powder on special 1.8mm steel plate and then braked by 900° high temprature.
  • Insulation: Compacted poly urethane foam (PUF), thikness: 50mm.
  • Heat Catching Element: Evacuated glass walled tubes, drawan from toughened borosilicate glass manufactured in the world's biggest manufacturing facility. Three layer inner tube coating of copper/steel/ aluminium silicate for high heat aborption.
  • Support Structure: Stand and brackets are assembled MS powder coated hollow pipes with SUS 201 nuts, bolts and washers.
  • Electric Back up: Auxiliary energy back up with inbuilt electric heater of 1500 watts, in case of insufficient solar energy or higher water consumption.

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