Mili Water Solution

World's latest Electronics Water Descaler

Our Model is more powerful Advance Smart and Combinations of Technologies and Gives almost Three times more effect then available all E-Water Descaler models in Local as well as International Markets.

World's Latest Water Conditioner cum Descaler-Remove White spot ,Lime scale built up -Protect Luxurious Bath Accessories like Showers, Taps ,Geysers ,R.O System filters and Membrane, Solar Heater, washing Machine and Bath rooms innovative Water Descaling technology Best Alternative For Softener Plant and water purifier i.e. -salt based old Methods

Main Features
Type World's latest Micro controller based Energy efficient & Advance Electromagnetic &Variable Frequency& Current based Close loop control system technology.
Model Residential ,Commercial and Industrial Models Available
Capacity Depends on Pipe Diameter in Inches 0.5 " ,1",1.5 ", 2" up to 12"
Installation Easy can do any one with Installation diagram
Purification Method Electromagnetic ,Based ,Breaks Calcium ,Magnesium and Carbonate removes scale within 90-120 Days ,Keeps Healthy Mineral like calcium and Magnesium in Water -excellent for Health and All Equipment's
Filter No Requirement -Maintenance free -20+ years of life
Other Body Features Sturdy, Metal Body with Heat Transfer Mechanism as per IP Standards. Fully protected with Over Voltage ,Short Circuit ,Automatic Shut off during Fault.
Auto shut off Yes
Portable Yes
Running Cost Neglible consume less than 7 W in Residential and 15 W in Industrial Model
Performance Guarantee 90 Days Money back Guarantee if Not Satisfied -1 year replacement Guarantee against Manufacturing Defects, Five year extended Warranty with addition Minimum Amount(2500 Rs ).
WxHxD 2 feet long PVC Pipe with suitable Pipe Diameter and Control panel approx. (50 x 50 x 30 CM)
Power Supply 230 V AC or 440 V AC . (5 W to 15 W )
Net Weight Approx. 2-4 Kg Depends on Model
Applications All Hotels, Spa, Swimming Pools, Offices, Houses, Drinking Plant, Agriculture
For Remove scale from - Cooling Tower, Boiler, Chiller plant, Condensers
For Hospital: Steam Sterilizer, Solar water heaters, Any Many More Places


ASWD-R: Residential Model suitable for House hold application with less pipe line length up to 500 m and flow rate.

ASWD-C: Commercial Model More Powerful suitable for pipe length up to 1 K.M and suitable for more flow rate.

ASWD-I: Energy Efficient Industrial Model More Powerful ,sturdy and design as per Industrial Norms and Protection as per International standards and suitable for very high flow rate. and up to 2 K.M length of pipe line.

Our Device works on Following Proven Technology:

That Strong Magnetic Field ,Frequency and Close loop Control created as per Available Test report of Water Quality from Geographical Locations.

It will breaks Ca -Co3 & Mg-Co3 Bonding and change its Physical Property not its chemical property .so by Ordinary TDS meter you can not measure its TDS and Hardness but if you follow IS Standard then you will See this Change. So Its Adhesive property lost and it will stop blocking of Pipes due to Ca-Co3 and Mg-Co3.

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